RCRC Guidelines & Application Form

RCRC Guidelines

If you wish to apply to be listed as a Resource, you need to match the following criteria, and agree to the following:

  1. You must be an experienced Reclaiming teacher, organizer, or priestess of proven skills, either having taught/offered your skills at a witchcamp or in a community.
  2. You must provide two people from the Reclaiming community willing to be listed as references, along with their contact information. We strongly suggest that your references are peers or community leaders, instead of students.
  3. You agree to be guided in your community work by the Reclaiming Principles of Unity.
  4. You respect that public rituals and classes offered under the name ‘Reclaiming’ are drug and alcohol free.
  5. You agree to address any complaints from peers or requestors about your behavior with the RCRC committee.

We encourage you to find and work with a co-resource when contacted for assistance.

If you have questions you'd like answered before you apply, please email the Resource Coordinator

Approval of your application is simple.. if your two references will vouch for your skills, your application is approved. We strongly suggest that your references are peers or community leaders, instead of students. Of course, there may be exceptions to the rule... for instance, maybe your references didn't realize you'd suddenly gone on a psychotic pie-throwing spree. At that point, we might have to reconsider your application. ;-)

RCRC Application Form - Directions


  1. Agree to comply with the Application Guidelines above.
  2. Answer the questions, and fill out any other information according to the application's instructions.
  3. Email the completed application to the Resource Coordinator

If you have a friend who wants to apply, but doesn't have email access, please feel free to be her or his "email buddy", and fill-out/email the application for her/him.


Note: if you are simply updating your information, please send only the information that needs to be updated. No need to re-submit the whole application.

1. Contact Information

Your full, legal name:
Your community-known magical name:
State/Province/Country in which you reside:
A complete phone number where the RCRC can contact you:
An email address where the RCRC can contact you:


2. RCRC listing information - you may want different information on the public website and on brochures!!!

The name you want used on the Resource listing:
The phone number you want used on the Resource listing: (optional)
The email address you want used on the Resource listing:


3. Resource types

Which of the five resource types do you want listed for yourself? Place an "X" next to your choice. You may choose more than one:

___ Community mentor
___ Guest teacher/artist
___ Organizer mentor
___ Priestess on call
___ Magical Activism resource


4. References

Please provide two (or more) references we can contact, to verify your experience in the resource types you've chosen above. We strongly suggest that these references are also experienced leaders in your community or witchcamp, instead of students:

Legal Name:
Magical name:

Legal Name:
Magical name:


5. Special Offerings

Please write a short description of special offerings (if any). Try to limit it to the four most important things you offer. Use the following format:

Example -- Facilitation: one-day workshops that develop facilitation skills in consensus process.

Your description of special offerings:


 6. Biography

Please write a short biography (four sentences long, maximum). The RCRC will edit, if necessary. Example:

"I have taught Reclaiming core classes, workshops, and Witchcamps for 10 years. I'm most interested in helping individuals learn priestessing skills. I'm familiar with 12-step processes, and am active in the les-bi-gay community. I'm also the outdoorsey type, and love cats, dogs, and chickens."

Your biography:


 [end copying questions here]


Please email this questionnaire to the Resource Coordinator