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Personal Resources

Books and Music

Reclaiming's Music CDs - song-samples and online ordering

Witchcamp Chantbook - lyrics to over 100 favorite chants for rituals and classes

Reclaiming-related books - books on magic, Witchcraft, and activism by Reclaiming teachers and authors

Reclaiming Quarterly features photos and reports on Witchcamps, rituals, oracles, Pagan parenting, personal practices, and much more. Browse RQ's back issues for dozens of articles.

Blogs and Websites Related to Reclaiming

So many Reclaiming-related blogs and wesbites exist that we've created a separate page to link the ones we know of.

Death and Dying from a Pagan Perspective

Information on sharing grief & sorrow, green burials, and more. Includes an interview with Starhawk, one of the co-authors of "The Pagan Book of Living and Dying".

Moon Phases and Eclipses

For up-to-date astronomical information (moon phases, eclipses, transits) see the U.S. Naval Observatory's web site:


The Witches' Voice is an incredible user-posted network dedicated to sharing news and information about Witches and Witchcraft. Everything from articles to want ads, plus listings events and classes in hundreds of cities. See

Political Resources

Reclaiming Quarterly features photos and reports on dozens of actions and grassroots projects. Browse our index for themes and locations.


See Starhawk's web site for writings, upcoming events and trainings, resources for trainers, and recommended books.

El Salvador Friendship Fund

Writings and information from Marta Benavides and others about on-going permaculture and restoration efforts in El Salvador. Join Reclaiming in supporting efforts to assist farmers in buying back their land from the El Salvador government.

Resources on Consensus and Group Process

Agendas/Meeting Procedures by Brook Schoenfield ('95) of Bay Area Nonviolence Preparers, Box 40165, San Francisco, CA 94140

Consensus Decision-Making from INVERT, RFD 1, Newport ME 04953

Glossary of Terms from Solving Problems Together, by Hogie Wyckoff, Grove Press, Inc., New York, 1980

Meeting Facilitation --The No-Magic Method by Berit Lackey of the Movement for a New Society.

Consensus and Group Process Handbook - printable PDF features excellent articles on group dynamics and consensus

Resources on Nonviolence

Nonviolent Action Handbook - printable PDF features articles on nonviolence theory and practice

Alternate News Sources

UK Guardian features the finest English-langauge news available. Easy to print pages and read offline.

Indy Media is a network of hundreds of locally-based grassroots groups and reporters. when grassroots news is breaking, there is no better source.

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