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The CRAFT cell (northern California Reclaiming Alliance for Teachers) is a group of teachers who provide classes and intensives in the Reclaiming Tradition, comprised of people who live in San Francisco Bay Area. Classes and intensives are provided both within the San Francisco Bay Area and in other regions.The cell combines the old Teachers' cell and the local Witchcamp teachers' cell. There are other Reclaiming teaching guilds in the Bay Area, around the U.S., and in other countries.

Definition of a CRAFT Reclaiming Teacher

The Reclaiming Teachers of the CRAFT cell welcome someone as a fellow Reclaiming Teacher by consensus decision. We meet at least four times a year, and decisions are reached in these meetings.
There are several paths by which a person may develop the level of experience necessary to be a Reclaiming Teacher in CRAFT cell. Here are the guidelines used:

Has taken 3 of 4 of the core Reclaiming classes.
and has student taught at least 3 different classes with 2 or more different Reclaiming teachers in this or another Reclaiming community, and has been vouched for by those teachers.


Has taught or student taught 3 or more times at witchcamps which have exterior selection committees and has been vouched for by their co-teachers.

An alternative path is for someone to have a body of work in teaching that is equivalent to these alternatives, and is familiar with the Reclaiming tradition and practices and can be vouched for by Reclaiming teachers.

CRAFT Reclaiming teachers agree to work by the Principles of Unity. By wanting to be part of a cell, teachers commit to the process of co-teaching and being open to feedback.

The person is welcomed as a CRAFT Reclaiming Teacher when the teachers of the cell reach consensus.

Student Teaching

In addition to providing classes and intensives, the CRAFT cell also provides mentoring and training for people who are interested in becoming Reclaiming teachers. Although individual teachers within the cell sometimes travel to other regions to train teachers, for the most part, the CRAFT cell provides teacher training within the San Francisco Bay Area. Reclaiming is primarily an oral and experiential tradition. Teaching skills are transmitted by experience and within community, rather than by written means. One of the ways people become can become student teachers in Reclaiming is to fill out an application.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher in the Reclaiming tradition, here are some suggestions for embarking on that path:

* Take as many classes and intensives in the Reclaiming tradition as you can.

* Attend Reclaiming witchcamps, if you are able.

* Build your local community.

* Deepen your own daily practices.

* Create rituals with others. When in circle, notice and attend to the energy of the whole group.

* Deepen your priestessing skills in as many ways as you can.

* Find mentors.

* Learn about other pagan and spiritual traditions.

* Become known in your own pagan community, so your work and energy are familiar to others. If you have no local community, work to create one.


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